518 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes

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What it is

This group is intended for individuals who experience difficulties with their ability to communicate. It is all about increasing confidence communicating by providing a sociable, patient environment where individuals can practice using communication aids and learn strategies and put them into practice. This is done using a range of group activities targeted at different areas of communication.

The key thing is that everyone has a bit of a laugh and a chat along the way!


The main session is 60 minutes, although we encourage client to socialise before and after the session.


The typical cost for our communication group is £20. Included in this cost is the main session and social time, a designated keyworker, regular wellbeing check-ins, ad-hoc support and appointments, reviews, goal and outcome monitoring.

Pricing can be subject to change depending on individual circumstances. Please contact us if you have concerns about funding or any questions.