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What it is

We can offer one-to-one sessions to work towards specific identified goals. These will be offered for a set time period (often 6 week blocks) with clear aims and outcomes to measure. These will normally take place at our centre but can also be held over the phone/video call.

Examples can include:

  • Computer skills
  • Learning about assistive aids
  • Support with organising and creating schedules (ie: housework, meal plans, etc)


These sessions run regularly throughout the week. The main session is 90 minutes, although we encourage client to socialise before and after the session.


The typical cost for our one-to-one sessions is £30. Included in this cost is the main session and social time, a designated keyworker, regular wellbeing check-ins, ad-hoc support and appointments, reviews, goal and outcome monitoring.

Pricing can be subject to change depending on individual circumstances. Please contact us if you have concerns about funding or any questions.